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To be added to our list of subcontractors and receive requests for bids please read and fill out form below.  Thank You.
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The following are to be maintained without exception. All subcontractors are accountable for maintaining the following standards for Safety, Quality, and Production. Please fill out form below and our office will contact you if you would like to bid on current projects of KB Builders Inc. (please be sure to include email address) Thank You:

Residential construction is the most dangerous profession. As a result, extreme care needs to be taken in order to preserve a safe work environment. If at any time a subcontractor is deemed to be a hazard to themselves or anyone else, immediate steps will be taken by the job supervisor to correct the problem.

Safe Zones - clients are NOT allowed in the work area while work is in progress. Take care to establish a “Safe Zone” that delineates your work area from non-working bystanders.

Scaffolding on the job site needs to be set up in order to provide safe access to a work location. It is the subcontractors responsibility to ensure compliance for their work environment. All tools that are brought on the job site by a subcontractor must be maintained in accordance with OSHA [www.osha.gov] specifications and cannot pose a hazard of any kind. A subcontractor is expected to provide their own tools and equipment. Any exceptions to this need to be discussed with the production manager if exceptions are to be made.

Subcontractor Contract
All work environments must be kept clean. Work should proceed such that debris that poses a hazard is removed routinely.
Code compliance is mandatory. It is expected that all subcontractors are familiar with the codes governing the body of work being performed. Any deviation in code compliance specific to a given trade is unacceptable
In addition to code compliance, assemblies installed by subcontractors must be free of nicks, scratches, burrs, fingerprints, etc. A workmanship standard will be agreed upon between KB Builders Inc and the subcontractor but where conflicts exist, KB Builders Inc will decide the resolution. A general rule abiding the KB Builders Inc approach will regularly include a "blemish free", code compliant, efficient installation. The subcontractor will be expected to work within these constraints.



Production needs to be maintained together with quality and safety. Production expectations will be discussed between individual subcontractors and KB Builders nc as the job requires. Subcontractors should respect the employees of KB Builders Inc and their duty to maintain a given level of production.

Subcontracting Policy Items

All subcontractors are required to carry the following insurance:
Workers Compensation - this insurance should be no less than $500,000 in all applicable WC categories and should have a specific notation for Sole Proprietors stating that the coverage applies to the owner [i.e. - no “Ghost” policies will be permitted] General Liability - this insurance should be no less than $1,000,000. Vehicle Insurance - any vehicle driven onto KB Builders Inc job sites must be in full compliance with state laws governing that particular class of vehicle Taxes.

All subcontractors are required to fill out a W-9 Form [Request For Taxpayer Identification Number] for KB Builders Inc. In doing so, the subcontractor understands their liability regarding taxes as outlined by the IRS in that document. For more information of W-9 liability and filing, review the following link: http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/fw9.pdf.

Current Client Sales and Potential Client Sales
As a subcontractor, it is expressly forbidden to address any aspect of work outside the current scope currently contracted for by KB Builders Inc with anyone other than KB Builders Inc . Distribution of sales material [including business cards] and pitches to the client for additional work on any of KB Builders Inc job sites is expressly forbidden.

Posting of company signs of any kind on KB Builders Inc job sites are expressly forbidden.

Any inquiry regarding work specific to residential construction made by individuals stopping by the job site should be directed to the Construction Superintendent. Any job contracted [even a moonlighting engagement or “side work”] that results from an inquiry made on any of KB Builders Inc job sites is expressly forbidden. Any violation of these guidelines is grounds for immediate termination and substitution

Work Hours
Work hours are Monday - Friday, 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM, local ordinances permitting. Any adjustments to this work schedule must be discussed with the Construction Superintendent of KB Builders Inc in order to allow for client notification.

Noise and Radio Use
Local noise ordinances supersede all of KB Builders Inc requirements. This usually restricts noise to the timeframe of 8 AM - 10 PM Monday through Saturday. Any violation incurred on the job site is the responsibility of the the noise maker[this includes fine payment].
Radios are to be kept at a moderate level and MUST NOT have offensive lyrical content. This is extremely important when children are present [Age 13 or younger]. Care must be taken to create a volume level that is acceptable with the client and their neighbors.

Client Property
KB Builders Inc does a bulk of its work for clients in residential construction and remodeling. The following rules apply to the protection of the client's property and how subcontractors should handle themselves as temporary "guests" in or customer's homes:
No driving on unpaved surfaces without the express consent of KB Builders Inc. There is typically a demarkation line at which the construction area falls behind. That construction zone it to be kept clear of debris, and broom swept daily. This area is to be restricted to all but construction personnel. If you enter a customer's house, remove your boots. If there is debris on your shirt, in your pants cuffs, etc., please brush it off in the construction area. In any areas outside the construction zone, if it is made dirty by our construction process, clean it. Remember, any evidence of nails, wood chips, tar paper, or other construction products found here are to be cleaned up.

If a temporary outdoor toilet is not available, please abide by the following. When using someone's bathroom, leave it "cleaner than you found it". This includes wiping urine off the toilet and other areas where it splashed. Make sure ALL excrement is gone from the toilet before you are done. No one else will follow up to clean after you - please leave the bathroom clean. If you need to transport equipment next to the customer's property, it is the responsibility of each individual subcontractor to assess whether or not the client's property is at risk. If it is at risk, measures should be taken to protect the clients property. i.e. - If the client's car is parked in the driveway and a subcontractor is transporting a ladder past the vehicle, the subcontractor should not touch the vehicle (with their tool or with the ladder). In the event that any damage is incurred upon a vehicle (which can easily be moved), it will be the subcontractor's responsibility to pay for any damages. As a general rule, respect what does not belong to you and avoid putting property at risk by using common sense. Think of the personal item you value the most and think of what would happen if damage occurred to it. Now respect the client's property assuming they value what potentially could be damaged the same way you value your property Neighbors property - is debris falls into a neighbor’s property, it is the responsibility of the subcontractor to clean up that mess immediately Job Site Behavior.

All subcontractors need to behave professionally while on site. Foul language is discouraged and is absolutely forbidden in front of the client (this is particularly the case when children are around). It is always good practice to avoid profanity in order not to "slip" at the wrong time and offend a client adult or a child.

Dress Code
All subcontractors are required to wear shirts without rips and tears. Clean thick cloth pants without stains, rips, or worn knees are also required. Work boots are to be worn at all times during the workday unless they are removed when in a clients home for cleanliness purposes. Subcontracts are expected to show up to work clean and groomed.

Smoking and Smokeless Tobacco
Smoking is NOT permitted inside any customer's home, regardless if they are smokers or not. Smoking is permitted outside only when proper ventilation exists and it is not a fire hazard (i.e. - smoking while working under a front porch is a fire hazard. Smoking while doing vinyl siding is not). If the smoke is offensive to another subcontractor or subcontractor working in the direct vicinity, the smoker MUST stop smoking until that person moves to a different area.
Butt Disposal
Smokers will dispose of their garbage by extinguishing the butts and throwing them into garbage containers
Smokeless Tobacco
Chewing is NOT allowed inside any client's home. Chewing is allowed outdoors only, and tobacco juice is to be discharged on natural earth surfaces only (i.e. - grass, dirt, mulch. Not sidewalks, driveways, patios, etc.).
Thank You.
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